Mobile Apps

Professionalism exhibited at its best

We create mobile apps that are specially designed to improve the engagement of the users and increase the level of interaction. We achieve this objective with the help of:

  • Our proficient team of experts
  • Keeping the channels of communication open for constant discussion
  • Considerable and cost-effective budget
  • Maintaining a strict time frame for project completion

Types of Mobile Apps:

Keeping up with the technological advancements and the users’ demands we specialize in the development of the following kinds of apps:

  • Native Apps
    These are the kinds of apps that are accessed with the help of icons on the home screen of the device. These are such developed that they can run smoothly on one platform, and get access to all the features like the camera, GPS, contacts lists, and others. These can incorporate gestures and are able to use the notification system of the device they are installed in and work even in the offline mode. We have experienced developers who work individually on the Native Android and Native iOS platforms.
  • Web Apps
    These are like websites but feel like native applications as they are specifically designed as such. These run on a browser and are in general designed over HTML5. The users will first get access to these as a normal web page and they will be navigated to a special URL with the help of which they can install the web app on the home screen of their devices by creating a bookmark for the same.
  • Hybrid apps
    These are partly native and partly like web apps. They can be uploaded in the app store and run on a number of different devices. Hybrid apps have found the favor of users who already own a web page and find it easier to connect the two. These kinds of apps have grown popular because of the fact that they enable cross-platform development and also help in the reduction of the costs of development.

Mobile Apps Developed by us:

  • Food Delivery App
    Run your food delivery business in the most convenient way when you get the most perfectly designed app from GoApps.
  • Ecommerce App
    The best thing that you can gift your clients in an ecommerce app through which they can shop easily from your online store. Also, if you are coming with a marketplace idea of your own, then a specifically designed app will be the best thing for you.
  • Taxi Booking App
    Allow clients to book a cab from your agency or from the area of your choice by a single click on the taxi booking app that we will design for you under the best prices.
  • Fitness App
    In the midst of all the hectic schedule that we follow, a fitness app will be the best gift that you can give to users to stay fit and active and converse with fitness professionals for getting the best guidance.
  • Travel Booking App
    Planning a holiday becomes easier when the person gets access to an app where he can find all the things of his requirement like hotels, flights and car rentals. These are all that we incorporate in the travel booking app designed for our clients.
  • Hotel Management App
    Managing all the aspects of a hotel that you own even while not being present over there physically is the best part of integrating a hotel management software and a corresponding app for it.
  • Hospital Management App
    Hospital management in the most efficient way is possible with the professionally developed software and app from GoApps. The same is very effective for use by medical clinics and pharmacy stores.
  • Dating App
    The dating app developed by GoApps is the best way for socializing and creating the platform for connecting like minded people.
  • Fundraising App
    Got a cause for which you need to raise funds? We have the best app for the purpose that can be downloaded and shared for raising funds.
  • Lifestyle App
    Apart from all the above mentioned, there are a host of other mobile apps that we have developed as per the customers’ requirements and which have been successful for promoting the purpose that they were built for.

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