GoApps- A Forerunner in providing Salesforce Services

With the dedication to provide global clients with the best and most advanced products and services, GoApps has always embraced the most advanced technology in the digital platform- Salesforce.

Whatever be the sector that you are doing business in, we have something for each of the genres expanding from healthcare to education, retail to entertainment and an endless list. Starting right from the stage of planning to the final stage of launch, professionals at GoApps are always beside you to guide and assist you. And the best part is that you get everything at very reasonable rates. So, you get the most advanced products and services in a cost-effective budget.

Innumerable territories to be explored with Salesforce Development

GoApps has strived to be a leader in the field of providing Salesforce Solutions or rather mobile applications and software based on the Salesforce technology. There are a host of products to choose from at GoApps-

Service Cloud

Sales Cloud

Salesforce1 mobile

Marketing Cloud


Chatter Communities

AppExchange development

With the assistance of the Salesforce developers at GoApps, you will be able to get customized Salesforce mobile apps which will, in turn, boost productivity in your business ventures.

Lightning and Salesforce

Get Lightning ready Salesforce instances and Lightning-ready Salesforce AppExchange apps from GoApps at affordable price ranges. With the help of the Lightning components, you will able to make your business future-ready.

Third-party Integrations

With an efficient Salesforce CRM software, you will be surprised to see the transformation in the business processes. Get features that are enlisted below with these kinds of software-

1. Sales cloud –

Collect all data and information about your client, store them in a centralized place, incorporate these to provide the best strategy for marketing, lead generation, sales, and customer service. Get access to many applications over the AppExchange. The Sales Cloud is available on both web and mobile platforms.

2. Service Cloud –

Automating processes, finding essential articles, and streamlining workflows become so comfortable with the Service Cloud. You will also be able to build marketing relationships across different channels or platforms.

3. Marketing Cloud –

Market your products online and integrate your business digitally.  Target your potential customers with the help of an online application or through social media platforms which get maintenance support from third parties.

4. Community Cloud –

The community cloud helps you in sharing information catering to infrastructure within a particular community that consists of companies having similar business interests.

5. Analytic Cloud –

The Analytic Cloud allows you to process Data Analytics directly from a public or private cloud, with the option of subscriptions.

6. App cloud –

Get an extensive collection of tools that would be useful for quickly creating applications to run on the Salesforce platform.

App Cloud

The App Cloud has a host of features to offer-

i. App exchange-

Get free and paid apps and integrate these into the Salesforce platform.


With the assistance of developers get websites and apps developed using programming languages like Apex and VisualForce.

iii. Heroku Enterprise-

Get support in numerous languages like Java, Ruby on Rails, and Python and build customized applications.

iv. Lightning-

This has almost become the default platform for website and apps building and is a prominent feature of the Salesforce clouds. The different components of lightning:

  • Reduce development steps and create automated workflows without enlisting to the Apex code with the Lightning Process Builder.
  • With the help of Lightning Connect, integrate data into Salesforce clouds with ease.
  • Lightning Schema Builder helps in visualizing data and extending the Salesforce model in real time.
  • Process infinite numbers of events with Thunder daily.
  • Shield is encryption software for meeting requirements of customers and to search data and apply workflows.
  • Trailhead is a beneficial tool to guide devices and learn about the different aspects of Salesforce. After the completion of every single module, learners get badges to acknowledge themselves. This serves as a helpful guide for beginners learning Salesforce development.

v. IoT cloud-

Store and Process any amount of data with the IoT Cloud.

To sum up,

We understand the importance of professionalism and always strive hard to exhibit the same through our work. It has seldom been so that we have left any scope for complaints, as catering to the client’s 100% product satisfaction is of primary importance to us.

Feel free to drop in your queries or get a free demonstration from GoApps.

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