School Management Software

GoApps offers an efficient software to take care of the administrative and management functions in an educational institute. Get hold of the most advanced software to keep track of every single student and staff in the institute and increase the efficiency and productivity of all. Every software is customized according to the requirements of the clients to give them the best experience while using the software.

Key features-

  • Information about students.
  • Option for online examination.
  • Timetable and scheduling.
  • Portal for parents.
  • Hostel management.
  • Students help desk.
  • Creating transcripts.
  • Library management.
  • Keeping a record of the fees.
  • Faculty management.
  • Email or text messaging.
  • Public relation.
  • School bus tracking.
  • Online attendance marker.
  • Courses and programs.
  • E admission.

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